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April 26, 2017

guess what this post is about!
yes!!(do you like the heading;))

I was in London 2 weeks ago for easter break and I couldn't have been luckier, we had a full week of sunshine, a nice breeze and no rain AT ALL

It wasn't a very productive trip since I'm going back in July,...

March 18, 2017

 OK sorry I'm 18 days late...

BUT IT'S MARCH! and I still can't believe we're 3 months (and 18 days) into this year already...

Here's what I wore on my date with bestie @yoonjineressa (on Instagram)💕💖💓

 *my rbf is real*


 Tank from Anteprima

Coat from Theory


February 17, 2017

 HI EVERYONE! I know haven't posted in ages :( sorry about that... But here's a quick OOTD post! In fact I met up with an amazing photographer @izawapang on instagram and it was hands down one of my favourite instagram shoots ever! Check him out he's super talented ***


February 2, 2017

 Hong Kong ✈️️ Kagoshima 

 The outfit : Grey Sweater and Scarf From Burberry

Jeans from AEO

Boots from Steve Madden

 Kagoshima 🚄 Huis-Ten Bosch

 The Outfit : White turtle neck from Karen Miller

Black Skirt from Topshop

Huis-Ten Bosch 🚄 Beppu 

'pose like a tree!' 


January 16, 2017

 Hello everyone! It's been quite a while (a few days i think) since I've posted. This is a quick ootd from yesterday (sunday). It's been quite a while since its been this cold in Hong Kong (it was only 14 degrees but it was really windy)

Even if I'm really busy I t...

January 8, 2017

I hung out with 2 friends on a rooftop in Discovery Bay sometime last week. We were there during sunset and the lights in town were starting to light up, we had a breathtaking view and amazing natural lighting and I just wanted to share the photos.


The outfit 


January 7, 2017

For my first post I decided to share what a typical day in my life is like on the weekends or when I'm on holiday. I started the day fresh with a morning cardio session which was a run around the neighbourhood and after finishing some (barely any) work I headed to cent...

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