outfit for the cold

Hello everyone! It's been quite a while (a few days i think) since I've posted. This is a quick ootd from yesterday (sunday). It's been quite a while since its been this cold in Hong Kong (it was only 14 degrees but it was really windy)

Even if I'm really busy I try to take time to do something relaxing. I went to the pier ( close to sheung wan), which is also known as instagram pier and had a nice walk by the sea. (it was freezing!)

The outfit

Since it was quite cold, i layered a white turtleneck with a long knit beige/light brown vest. I also wore a beanie and a grey scarf for when it was windier. I had black boots and to match my black Prada purse. Super simple as usual *-*

I didn't take as many photos sadly but I hope you enjoyed my post! Tell me what kind of things you want my to post about in the future