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Exploring Lamma Island

March 29, 2017

Hi everyone! It's been two weeks how are you all doing :)

March has the been the best month for me this year and I feel like everyday of this year just gets better. I had so so much fun especially on my birthday week, had so many amazing meals (everyday was cheat day!) and accomplished a lot. I'm someone who likes to be productive (not the same when it comes to school work) but I like to fill my day with different activities, I can never stay at home for a full day without going crazy.

I can't believe there's only  one more week till my lovely sister comes back from boarding school and our whole family goes to London for the easter break!!!!



Here are some photos from my trip to Lamma Island last Sunday when I went with some friends to celebrate my birthday. If your looking for an adventure but you're feeling kinda lazy---- Lamma Island is perfect for you! It's a really easy hike and the food there is amazing! Options range from fresh seafood to Vietnamese and personal favourite would be the vegetarian restaurants. 


But it's definitely an amazing place to go to, great photo opportunities, it's so peaceful and quiet there I can't wait to go back!




















Thank you for reading loves ❤️

Email me for any details about the Island and what I did !

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