White Tank 3 Ways

If you're like me and your style is constantly evolving/different everyday, this post is perfect for you.

I paired a basic white tank top with three different looks

(without even noticing until I looked through my camera roll...)

Tank is from primark (for like 2 pounds); skirt is from my sister's Shakespearean costume when she played Helena from Much to Do About Nothing 5 years ago; sunglasses are from ZARA

Tank is From Bershka; Scarf tied around my hair is from Brandy Melville; Pants are from my mother's closet; basket bag is a decoration I found hanging on the wall next to the sofa at home :)

Sunglasses are the same ones from ZARA; knit sneakers from Nike; Same Tank from Primark; Bralette from Urban outfitters; Navy Pants are from... don't remember

Hope everyone has a great summer and I'll be posting a lot more (hopefully)

Message or comment me anything! I'd love to connect

Till Next time