Styling Old Clothing

As I was packing for my 2 month long London trip, I couldn't find anything in my own closet, so I decided to raid my parents’. I found a vintage Max Mara dress that I mistook for an ugly picnic mat at first sight. The dress had an oversized, loose fit, accompanied with the strangest pattern I’ve ever seen, which I had mixed feelings about. Without doubt, I threw it in my suitcase anyways, not knowing what I'd do with it or when I would wear it.

Fortunately upon waking up this morning, I felt a bit adventurous and extra. Hence, I pulled it out from the back of my closet and decided to give it a shot.

This is THE dress

As seen in the photo, I simply threw on a necklace, a belt, wore a bright pink bralette under the black lace and VOILA. A very ‘man repelling look.’

(I have a video of my father saying 'I wouldn't wear that' as evidence!!!)

how to awkwardly pose 101

The necklace is from the gift store at London's V&A Museum, belt is from Pull and Bear and the shoes are from Nine West.

To my surprise, I actually thought the dress was very comfortable and fun to wear. I went to the park with my little sister and brother and I went crazy on the trampoline. At one point, I even did a cartwheel! (I mean half a cartwheel) #noregrets #risktaker

Point is, if you are feeling like something different and don't want to wear the denim skirt you wear every other day or one of the three striped t-shirts you own, you'll end up being a lot more pleased if you choose something crazy you found in your mom's wardrobe.

Photos were taken by my sister on an iPhone(sorry about the quality as usual)

P.S. I'm thinking of doing a Q&A since I haven't done one before and thought it'd be cool to give it a try. Comment, email me or DM me (on instagram @notlucystewart) any questions!

Hope you enjoyed