Eat healthy, Play Naughty

Here are some photos from CAFE ZI, a new cafe in Hong Kong, TST on Hillwood Road.

I worked there part time during summer for a month as a waitress, The cafe is so beautiful and relaxing it didn't feel like I was working.

"Eat healthy, Play naughty" is their motto

They serve bagels, juice, salad and other food during the day and at night they serve craft beer, wine sake and other drinks.

Not only do they have amazing deco (great for photos) but the staff there is also really nice.It's the perfect place to go chill!!

Hope you enjoyed the photos and if you did you should go visit them!

If you want more info they are @cafezi.official on instagram!!

( and no this post is not sponsored I genuinely love the place and wanted to share about it)

Till next time