Back in London

For Christmas, our family flew back to London for our fourth and final time this year. It was definitely hard to get used to how much colder it was and how much shorter the days were but we still enjoyed our stay there.

The fact that we have an apartment there and that we visit so often makes it feel like a second home for us.

To celebrate the holidays, my parents invited a few family friends over to visit our place here and spend Christmas with us.

On this particular day, we walked over to Borough market for brunch, got oysters and Ethiopian food (which is what we always get) and a coffee from Monmouth to warm us up.

In the afternoon, we went to Brick Lane to get salty beef bagels and Box Park for some shopping. Shoreditch is definitely one of my go to areas to hang around.

Jacket from Rocket X Lunch;Beanie from Supreme;Jeans from SLY;BackPack from LV;Boots from H&M

Feel free to email me or leave a message if you need suggestions or questions about London.

Hope you enjoy the holidays and the rest of 2017